This is why I love Sub-2's

Yesterday I watched this video by Bill Bronchick, real estate attorney, about doing Subject To real estate deals. He give such a clear explanation here, that I thought it was worth sharing. Buying Sub-2 is my favorite way to buy houses. I love that I can buy a house without loan origination fees, 30-year mortgages, and all the hassle it takes to fill out pages upon pages of bank loan documents. Sub-2 and buying with seller financing are the best, in my opinion. I've done a lot of virtual wholesaling, too, but with wholesaling you are definitely depending on someone else to bring the funds to the closing table. I guess I prefer to have more control over the deal and to be 100% sure that it will close. That's the kind of comfort I get with doing owner finance and Sub-2 deals. I hope you enjoy this video and learning about buying houses Subject-to the existing mortgages. I've done several, so if you are new to real estate investing and would like to pick my brain about how to do them, please feel free to reach out to me. Enjoy!




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