My Whitney Nicely Podcast Fail

Updated: Aug 9

Wait - did that really happen? I had a Facebook message this morning from Whitney Nicely asking me to speak on her podcast about real estate investing. I am humbled and honored!. If I had a big, outgoing personality, I think I would have jumped at the chance. I have declined for now, but maybe one day I will feel a bit more brave. Public speaking has never been my forte. Are you interested in hearing Whitney's podcast and learning some of her tips and tricks for investing in real estate through lease options? Below is a link to her podcast. She is one of the most outgoing and fun real estate investors out there. She knows a ton, and shares her knowledge on social media. She also has courses you can buy, like her famous First Deal Done Fast, and more. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Whitney is committed to growing her real estate portfolio and helping women and men learn to grown theirs, too. Thanks again for thinking of me, Whitney! So here's the link to Whitney's podcast:



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