We buy Savannah houses regardless of equity.

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

You may have bought your home with a VA or FHA loan, and put little down when you purchased your house. This leaves you in a bit of a bind if you find yourself needing to sell due to relocation or any other reason within the first few years of owning the home.

We buy houses regardless of equity. While you would be hard-pressed to sell your house with little to no equity in the traditional manner, we can help by buying your house subject to the mortgage (buy it and take over payments) or with a lease-option agreement, in which we make the mortgage payments and have the option to buy the house in a year or two.

Even if your house is under water, meaning you owe more than the house is worth, we can make an offer on your home. In this situation, I just might need a longer term.

Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your options. We're not here to sell anyone on the idea of selling their home on a lease option or subject to the mortgage; we are merely offering a way to solve a problem in a way that may net you a higher sales price if you don't need your cash immediately, and can hold out for the higher price down the road. Selling your house on terms is something to consider. This kind of sale is 100% commission-free!

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