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Kim Banks Real Estate, Savannah GA

Do you need to sell your Savannah house fast?

"We buy houses fast in Savannah, Georgia and nationwide!"

Located in the beautiful Savannah Islands, Savannah, GA. 31410


How does it work?

Step 1.  Contact us.
Step 2.  Get an offer.
Step 3.  Choose your closing date.

Do you charge commission?

No.  We are home buyers, not Realtors.

Do I need to do any repairs first?

You sure don't.  We buy houses in Savannah and beyond in "as-is" condition.  The whole point is to make it as easy on our sellers as possible.

Where do you buy houses?

We buy houses in Savannah, Georgia and nationwide!

What is a Lease Option?

A Lease Option is a strategy that gives an investor the right to lease a home and also the right to purchase the home during or before the lease period.

What is a "Subject To?"

A seller transfers the deed to the property subject to the existing debt staying in place and remaining in the seller's name.

We own our home free and clear.  What can you do for us?

Congratulations on owning your home outright.  Now, how about turning your home into an annuity which can pay you monthly income for many years?  Let's talk.

Our home is beautiful. We only bought it a year ago.  Are you interested?

Absolutely!  If you bought a home with a VA or FHA loan within the past couple of years, it may be impossible to sell with a Realtor without bringing money to the table, because you haven't had time to build up any equity.  We can help by buying the house subject to the existing mortgage and taking over your debt, so you can move on.

Will there be a closing and will we need to attend?

Yes and no.  Yes, there will always be a closing.  We close every transaction with a local real estate attorney or title company, depending on your state.  You may or may not attend the actual closing, that is entirely up to you.  All paperwork may be signed and notarized in advance, if you like, in which case you would not need to be physically present at closing.

All closings take place in the city where the property is located, even if you live elsewhere.

Our house is currently listed with a real estate agent.  Can you still help us?

Please give us a call or text when your home is no longer listed with an agent.  We buy houses that are off-market.